Dental Implants
Dental Extractions and Implants

Whenever it has been determined that a tooth (or teeth) requires extraction, and replacement with a dental implant is planned, then the extraction becomes, in essence, the first phase of the implant procedure.  It is very important to preserve the bone around the tooth as this will be the foundation for the subsequent implant.

The extraction will often entail a small incision in the surrounding "gums", and dividing multi rooted teeth (such as molars) into individual roots.  Often a piezo surgical device will be utilized to remove a minimal amount of bone from around the tooth roots.  A surgical dressing and sutures (stitches) will often be placed.

This procedure is routinely done with profound local anaesthesia.  Sometimes for patient comfort oral sedatives are utilized.

Appropriate medications are advised / prescribed for post-operatie discomfort.