Our Mission Statement
At Castlegar Dental Centre our  goal for our patients is lifelong oral and dental health.

Our role as dental professionals is multifaceted.

Our first task is to perform an appropriate examination (which may include dental x-rays and 3D scanning images) to determine the diagnosis.

If  treatments are required, our next job is to inform and advise you on your treatment options. Together we will formulate a treatment plan.

If you require the expertise of a dental specialist or other health care provider, in either the diagnostic or treatment phase, we will arrange for the appropriate referral.

We are aware that unexpected emergencies arise. (Some of these such as infection can be mortally serious if not treated immediately.) We strive to see our patients the same day as their emergency.

Once oral health had been established, we will provide you with the tools to maintain this. We will recommend and provide an appropriate maintenance regimen.

We recommend treatment and a maintenance schedule that is most appropriate for you. This is based on your current diagnosis, dental history, and your goals for your teeth and gums.

We advise treatment based on your needs and wants, not upon the dictates of any insurance plan. However, we do acknowledge that financial concerns, including specifics of any dental insurance, may be a factor in your decisions regarding dental care.

Our fees are those listed in the current year fee guide of the British Columbia Dental Association.

We will assist you in claiming any insurance benefits you are entitled to. We will submit pre-authorization to an insurance carrier when indicated. We will give you a written estimate if requested.

However, all financial obligations are ultimately between patient and dentist. If you have dental insurance, it is your responsibility to know the terms of your specific policy; please be aware that these can and do change over time as employers often change dental plans.